Renewed quality and transformation for a world with a fresh start!
27th APQO International Conference 2022
will be held digitally throughout all of October 2022
Colombo, Sri Lanka


APQO is an autonomous, non-political, non-profit, scientific and technical organization comprised of the national Quality Associations of some countries in Asia and those located near the Pacific Rim. It includes organizations representing countries like Australia, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, United States and Vietnam.

The annual conference is the focus event of the year. The Sri Lanka Association for Quality (SLAQ), as a member of the Asia Pacific Quality Organisation (APQO), is organising the APQO 2022 conference.

COVID-19 has had huge impact on our traditional in-person conferences. In 2021, the conference was totally re-engineered to be fully digital.

Recognising the impossibility of running an international in-person conference in Sri Lanka in 2022 with the participation from all member countries, this conference too will be fully digital like our last year conference held in a digital platform.

This will be delivered in October 2022, available to registrants till the end of the year and not just the scheduled time-slot of a conventional conference. Participants have total flexibility to access all the conference content they want, when they want. Participation becomes both less expensive, and simpler.

Join as a speaker now
will experience a
An International conference
Excellent exposure for you and your ideas
Low cost participation (low registration fee [and further discounted for presenters], zero travel and accommodation costs, participate from anywhere)
Assistance to make an impactful presentation – our program team will help you ensure your content is excellent, and our technical team will support you to deliver a professional video presentation

The Conference

The knowledge and practices of Quality are constantly evolving and shaped over the past 100+ years. Some are incorporated into the core body of knowledge; others become useful elements of the Quality toolkit; others are discarded when they are no longer useful or relevant, or as their weaknesses and limitations become apparent.

This process of ‘creative destruction’ is ongoing as world, society and technology changes. There will be new challenges that emerge in coming years that will require further evolution and innovation.

The COVID-19 has caused the political, economic and social disruptions with new challenges emerging. This requires changes in the context of decision making and changes in technology to transform business processes. Leaders find themselves at crossroads managing organisations with uncertainties and requiring a fresh start.

This conference offers a rare opportunity to examine the past, present and identify changes to transform!

This is the thinking that created the conference theme:

Renewed quality and transformation for a world with a fresh start!

The Conference

The conference presentations are organised into 5 Streams. An overview, that unpacks the conference theme, plus four Streams, to explore key areas of Quality application in more detail.

The stream session individual presentations will be shorter, and because the timing constraints of the in-person conference model no longer exist, can be flexible. They will typically be 10-20 minutes, recognising too that the attention span for an online experience is different.

Stream 1
The overview and context of the conference theme -
Renewed quality and transformation for a world with a fresh start!
Stream 2
Renewed relationships -
Leadership & people, Customer focus/relationship, supplier management, quality centred culture, change management
Stream 3
Renewed Processes -
Staying current with processes, integration of innovation & new technologies (lean, quality 4.0 etc)
Stream 4
Excellence through transformation -
Sustaining organizational excellence through transformation, performance
Stream 5
Quality- Fundamentals for transformation:
teams, tools, cost of quality etc
Stream 6
APQO Awards Presentation - GPEA, AIIA, AIBP, AIC, ACE

We invite you to be part of
This conference as a presenter

This is your chance to speak at a major international conference and share your experience, best practices or your leading edge management research. This is an opportunity for employees, managers, CEOs, consultants to present and share best practices (perhaps for the first time at a major conference) and Academics to present a conference paper.

You May
A research study
A literature review
A case study
An evidence-based or data-based analysis
An idea that challenges the present and evokes the future.

If your presentation is selected, we’ll work with you to ensure that your presentation has great content and is presented in an engaging and professional way.

Because all the overhead costs of an in-person conference, as well as the travel and accommodation costs, are removed, there is a great opportunity for you to contribute.

In recognition of your contribution, you’ll receive a highly discounted access pass to your Stream or the whole conference – it’s up to you.


Here are the Key Dates for Speakers.

Submission of Presentation Abstracts
Until 31 July 2022
Acceptance/Rejection advised
By 31 July 2022
Recorded Presentation to be provided
By 31 August 2021
Slide Deck and (optionally) written paper to be provided
By 15 September 2021

Complete the online form to submit your presentation application with abstract.


We do not accept online submissions of abstracts now.

If you have any questions, kindly contact us via email to [email protected] or +94 712267430 (WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat)

If your abstract has been accepted, you will be contacted by the conference team with details regarding the preparation of your presentation. Once your completed presentation has been accepted, you will be provided with a discount code to access a reduced registration fee.

Presenters need to be aware of copyright in conference presentations. If you do not own the image or video, you need to seek permission from the owner of the IP and only use the image or video if that permission has been granted. Creative Commons images are generally made available with no copyright attached in that the originator has given their permission. If you buy a stock image to use, then the copyright is assigned by the owner to the purchaser, just like when someone buys a photo from a photographer to put on display. YouTube owns some rights to the videos people put on the site in addition to the originator. Go to this link to read more.

From SLAQ’s perspective, it is the responsibility of the presenter to check this.


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SLAQ/LIQM Conference Contacts:
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 712267430 (WhatsApp, Viber, Line, WeChat)

Email: [email protected]


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