Renewed quality and transformation for a world with a fresh start!
27th APQO International Conference 2022
will be held digitally throughout all of October 2022
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Our Plenary
Dr H. James Harrington
Chief Executive Officer, Harrington Management Systems
The magic of innovation

The presentation will explain why the Pacific rim countries will play such an important part in the future of innovation. It will explain why all organizations need to be upgrading their innovations efforts in order to take case with the fast changing customer expectations. And will provide an example of maturity grid analysis of a sample of healthcare providers are performing in comparison to a top-notch healthcare provider.

Dr Gregory H Watson
Honorary Member and Past-President International Academy for Quality (IAQ) and American Society for Quality (ASQ)
Managing for Quality to Achieve Standardization, Improvement, and Transformation

Quality lessons learned have been gradually revealed through progressive revelations to arrive at its current level of maturity which blends many theories pragmatically into a holistic structure: Shewhart’s theory of control, statistical process control charts, and his basic scientific cycle; Deming’s theory of profound knowledge and approach to analytic study of data; Juran’s concept of the quality trilogy and distinction between Big Q and Little q; and Noriaki Kano’s theory of attractive quality – all combine to form an inclusive systems approach to quality in the future.

Mr Carew Hatherley
Managing Director of The International Quality Management Group (IQM)
Quality in a Renewed World

Carew’s presentation will focus on the Global and Asia-Pacific Regional issues confronting us as we move into the post-COVID period. He will then touch on relationships, processes, transformation and fundamentals before explaining why in an uncertain world the need for Quality is greater than ever.

Dr Lars Sorqvist
President-elect International Academy for Quality (IAQ)
Sustainable development through quality and excellence

This speech is explaining how quality, excellence, and systematic improvement work can be the main driver of more sustainable development on earth.

Dr Benito Flores
Director of Development, Universidad de Monterrey (Mexico)
Portrait of the Successful Quality Professional: Skills, knowledge, behaviors

Presentation describes the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be a successful quality professional –or a successful professional that uses quality concepts to improve the performance of his/her area of responsibility. Profession is analyzed and described from what it was, is and will be. Findings are based on the results of original research carried out by the author with 400 quality professionals.


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